We have created CITROËN FIXED PRICE REPAIRS to surprise and inspire you by spoiling your car with the best expertise and parts at unbeatable fixed prices. Our Fixed Price Repairs cover 10 of the most common repairs your vehicle will need including: brake pads & discs, wipers, timing belt, clutch and batteries.

Whether ORIGINALS or ESSENTIALS is right for you, they both include:

  • A collection and delivery service to keep you moving.
  • A free health check and technical updates.
  • The price we quote is the price you pay.
  • We think our prices will prove hard to beat, but if you do find a garage within 5 miles offering the same repairs for less than your Citroën Authorised Repairer, we’ll simply match the price or refund the difference.
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So which of our tailored maintenance packages is right for you and your vehicle? Read on to find the perfect fit.

  • For all Citroën cars and vans regardless
    of age.
  • Original equipment Citroën parts fitted by
    the experts.
  • All Original Equipment parts
    are designed, developed and engineered
    specifically for your Citroën.
    Interdependent with all the other parts in
    your vehicle they work together in a very
    precise way to ensure optimum
  • Meet manufacturer defined engineering
    norms and tolerances that deliver
    enhanced characteristics such as
    durability, wear and life expectancy over
    an aftermarket part.
  • Available for all Citroën cars and vans from
    36 months and over.
  • Citroën approved parts fitted by the experts
    that are a more cost effective solution for
    the older Citroën vehicle.
  • Available for other manufacturers from
    any age.
  • High quality parts that meet all the relevant
    European norms and specifications.

Why not click on one of the below offers for more information on these items or contact your local participating Citroën dealer today to arrange a convenient appointment?