All cars carry people, but some do a better job of moving busy families from A to B than others. MPV cars, or people carriers as they are often known, make interior space a priority – providing plenty of room for passengers of every shape and size. A wide choice of 7-seater cars are available alongside more compact MPVs that seat only five - the best people carrier for a particular family will depend on how many people need to be moved.

MPV stands for multi-purpose vehicle, and ever since the earliest examples of people carrier arrived in the mid 1980s, versatility has been a key attribute. Seats that slide, fold away, swivel or turn into tables have all become welcome features. Typically, the rearmost chairs in 7-seater vehicles will fold away when not needed, providing improved luggage space. As a result, seven-seater cars can often prove handy even for smaller families when friends and relations want to come along for the ride.

The first Citroën people carrier was called Synergie, a full-size, 7-seater MPV launched in 1994. But the iconic Citroën MPV brand is Picasso, a label first applied to MPVs with the arrival of the mid-sized Citroën Xsara Picasso in 1999.

Named in honour of Pablo Picasso, the pioneering artist who pictured things from new and surprising perspectives, the first compact MPV car from Citroën was a huge hit. Its distinctive egg shape rapidly became familiar throughout Europe.

Today, the Picasso name is applied to core people carriers in the Citroën range, from the 7-seater Grand C4 Picasso to the small but versatile C3 Picasso. The latter, one of the first supermini-sized people carriers, has carried off awards as the best MPV in its class on numerous occasions since its arrival in 2009.



The latest generation of our C4 Picasso people carrier is here. The latest incarnation of our famous five-seater MPV has been praised by motoring journalists for its eye-catching style, practical interior and economical engines. Built on the EMP2 platform, it’s smaller outside, bigger inside, and lighter than ever before.
The new seven-seater Grand C4 Picasso builds on the strengths of its five-seat sibling, but boasts its own unique character. Reconfigurable internal space can produce up to a 700-litre boot when row two seats are in their forward position, to hold everything you might want to move. Our new technical platform has allowed huge cuts in weight and gains in economy; the New Grand C4 Picasso weighs 140kg less than the outgoing model, and the Airdream engine option achieves 74.3 mpg, unrivalled among MPVs.