At Citroën we believe in offering surprising value and hassle-free motoring. That's why we've created fixed price Interim and Full service options. To convenience and affordability you can add the reassurance of expertise:

  • All work will be carried out by Citroën trained technicians using Citroën Approved Parts.
  • Free health check and technical updates.
  • A collection and delivery service to keep you moving.

Plus, if you book an MOT at the same time, it will only cost an extra £34* – it simply makes sense.

We can get everything done in one visit. You're sorted.

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£115 £195 £149 £229


The service level which is most suitable for your vehicle will vary depending
on age, mileage, conditions of use, etc.

If you are unsure which is most suitable for your vehicle,
contact your local participating Citroën dealer, who will be happy to help.
GENERAL Check for (and action) any outstanding manufacturer technical updates
REPLACE Engine oil
Engine oil filter
Diesel fuel filter element*  
Air filter element*  
Spark plugs*  
Gearbox oil*  
(check & top-up
if required)
Battery level (if fitted with removable cap) - condition and charge
Coolant level check
Front / rear screen wash
Power steering fluid
Brake pad and disc wear (front and rear)
Hub, rod, ball joint and joint clearance check  
Dampers sealing check
Brake calipers and hoses check
Sleeve check, (drive shafts, ball joints, steering rack)
Brake hydraulics
Lights, lighting and signalling operation check
Rubber boots & gaiters
Tyres - front & rear tread depth & pressure, (inc. spare wheel or expiry date of Tyre Repair kit)
Brake & clutch pedal check
Horn Check
Handbrake and parking brake check
Rear brake lining wear  
Valve clearance  
Radiator hoses check
Ancillary drive belts condition check
Shock absorbers  
Pipes and housing sealing & condition check, (engine, gearbox)
Steering circuit sealing check
Power steering and hoses  
Wheel bearings  
Front & Rear Suspension  
Steering control and mechanism  
Transmission shafts  
ENVIRONMENTAL CHECKS Anti-pollution, (petrol engines)
Smoke opacity check (diesel engines)
Pollen filter check
Visual inspection of exhaust system (lines and fixings)
SERVICE CHECK Clutch travel check and adjustment
Condition and tension of ancillary drive belts
FUNCTION & VISUAL CHECK Wiper blades condition and operation check, (wash-wipe)
Windscreen washer jets
External bodywork
* Dependent on engine type
  • How does this car service differ from what's currently offered?
    This is not a replacement for a scheduled vehicle service (the details of which you can find in your service book). Instead, it's a new sort of service for Citroën; one designed to help those who've owned our vehicles for a while – or who have bought one of our classic models – to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape.
  • What Citroën models are included?
    All cars and vans, as long as they are 3 years old from date of first registration.
  • I've modified my car - Does this still count as a Citroën for the offer?
    Yes, it does. Thank you for trusting us with your pride and joy!
  • I have several Citroëns - Can I get them all serviced?
    Yes, you can. And thank you for your custom!
  • How long will I have to wait for the service?
    There is no set time, but most participating dealers should be able to get you a slot booked in, within a few days at most.
  • How do I find a participating dealer?
    Just use our specially modified dealer locator, found on this page. Enter your postcode, and we'll do the rest.
  • If my vehicle fails the MOT test, will I have to pay for a retest?
    If required, MOT re-tests will be undertaken free of charge, providing that the vehicle does not leave the dealership premises until any required work is carried out or, is returned to the Dealership before the end of the next working day for required repair work to be complete and a certificate issued.